Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST Finale

As "LOST"ies, we were super excited for the "LOST" finale that we hosted a "LOST" Finale party, with a showing on the lawn. For a show that was set on an island, it was difficult to decorate with island-themed decorations for a show where the island was more hell than paradise. So I had to improvise with some different options.

For invitations, I found some photos of the show's "OCEANIC AIRLINES" tickets online. I found some "OCEANIC" logos online to download, as well as created a bar code from the numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 to use on the ticket. I made these in Publisher with each guest's name on them, as well as ticket and seat numbers with the famous numbers, and sent them out in "Oceanic" envelopes. I thought they came out pretty well:

I have a set of silver letters with wood bases that I use to decorate for a themed party. I broke these out to see what I could make with the letters that I had. I was able to spell "L-O-S-T" and decorate the food table with a simple green table cloth and some netting that I found at the Dollar Store.

It was late in the day when I realized that my husband picked up this giant vintage screen print airplane for $5 at a church sale, to be used someday in his retro man-cave in our next house. It was perfect as a backdrop to our food buffet. If you look closely, you will see I used my lettering kit to spell "Oceanic Flight 815", and set our antique clock to 8:15PM. You may also catch a polar bear or two around the house, another significant event in the world of "LOST".

Weeks before we finalized the party, I found an amazing website that had every food label you would need from the Dharma Initiative. If you did not watch the show, a quick recap: there were experiments being conducted on the island by the research group, the Dharma Initiative. All of their food was generically labeled. I printed out labels for all the food and drinks we served, and I have to admit, our fridge was a bit intimidating:

I served chips and salsa, mini chocolates, island fruit, and friend chicken from "Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack". Since the finale was not on until 9pm, we went light on the food.

My sister-in-law was equally as intimidating as the fridge, in her awesome, homemade "Others" jumpsuit. You also may notice I had the infamous numbers on the mantel:

To set the scene at the front of our house, I realized that our rustic wood wreath could be converted to a Dharma symbol with a little black ribbon. I then used some sticky numbers, purchased at Michael's for $2, to add to the ribbon to add the LOST numbers again. With a little brown paper covering our wood and glass door, I cu out the paper from just behind the wreath to make the "Hatch". I think it looks pretty amazing with our tiki torches and the glow from the inside of the house.

And all of the "LOST"ies got to take home air sickness bags, courtesy of "Oceanic Airlines", for which I created labels as well. Again, I filled the bags with mini airplanes, bags of peanuts, and Goldfish (remember the fish shaped cookies in the bear cages where Sawyer and Kate were kept?). And some more polar bears lurking around the house:

The finale was not the most popular event, as most people who left at 11:45PM were scratching their heads trying to figure out what just happened, in true "LOST" fashion. As much as they didn't remember from the entire show, I'm sure they won't forget the party!