Friday, February 26, 2010

Cupcake Magic

Have you ever baked cupcakes, spent lots of time decorating them, and they never look quite as good as the ones from a professional bakery? Luckily, there is a new company that can solve that problem - Ticings.

They have created fabulous, tiny sheets of printed icing that you just plop onto your icing for that finished, professional look to any dessert table. They have general shapes and themes, and are quickly developing prints for holidays, as they just debuted Valentines's Day and St. Patrick's Day.Sticking to your New Year's resolution and only allowing yourself the mini-cupcakes? No problem, they've got Ticings for those too! I just love the circus themed ones for a child's birthday!

What's better than cupcakes? (Nothing, some of you would say) But its an entire cake! They also have full sheet Ticings that you can roll right onto your sheet cake or round cake. Find them here.

I know they may seem a little pricey, but if you add up their cost, plus a box of cake mix, you are still paying less per cupcake than those Cupcake bakeries, and they are homemade! Your guests will be enTiced to try them all!

Ticings did not pay me to promote them, I just think their product is great!

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