Monday, March 9, 2009

The Beginning....

Welcome to my first blog! Forever the Hostess, I am constantly planning dinner parties, game nights, baby showers, bridal showers, and this past year, I even designed my own wedding, down to the last sprinkle on my homemade red velvet cake bonbon favors. During the past few years, and especially during the wedding planning process, I found that there weren't as many outlets on-line as I had hoped with really great ideas, that could be done simply and for a little cost. I also constantly have friends ask for ideas, recipes, and help for their own events, so now I have a blog in which I can share my ideas and experiences with the masses. Or just you!

Fabulous and festive parties begin with GREAT IDEAS and a few minutes of simple planning. And sometimes, all it takes is one great idea, or one fabulous dish. Hopefully, you'll find some here.

PS- Even though good Hostesses usually keep their entertaining secrets close to their heart, I must tell you upfront that many of the ideas you will see on this blog have not originated with me. I feel that good ideas and recipes are meant to be shared! Please feel free to pass any along, and I would be thrilled to "host" them here.

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