Thursday, April 16, 2009


In the process of designing my blog, I looked over hundreds of background colors and designs. While there are some fabulous options, the one that worked best for me is also an entertaining staple.... BLACK.

What is most interesting about BLACK is that it is anything but BASIC. Black is classic, elegant, stylish, and sexy. Black is legendary... just think of what a little black dress did for Audrey Hepburn, or how any formal event begins with "black tie" or a black tuxedo. Black is also profitable and powerful, as a positive bottom line on a balance sheet is written in black ink, and who can forget Black Friday. Even the word itself is a statement (say it out loud - BLACK!).

Black is also significant when discussing food. Some people prefer their tea or coffee "black". Fresh Black Grouper is one of my favorite fish to prepare, and chicken breasts are delicious when blackened. A little black pepper is the best addition to any meal.

For party purposes, black is a staple. The color black can be combined with ivory or white to make things exquisite and polished, red to make things dramatic and sexy, or colors such as pink and yellow to make things trendy. You can add any color to a black dress to make a new look.... do the same with black napkins or a black tablecloth.

Don't be afraid to use black when dressing, cooking, or planning any event. My entire wedding was black and ivory, from my flowers, to my dress and accessories, and on down to my reception design. The cake was even black and ivory. It was classic and retro, stylish and elegant, all rolled into one.

The point is, BLACK can be anything you want it to be.

(pictures courtesy of Lauren Pauline Photography)

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