Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Luxuriant Lilies

I love Spring.... FRESH is the word that always comes to mind. Fresh air, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh blooms of flowers. Around Easter, you can't turn the corner at the local market or grocery store without another display of flowers staring you in the face. One of my favorite blooms this time of year are Lilies. Available in an array of spring colors, and less than $10 a bunch, they are a simple flower that can become extraordinary as they open to their fullest. A single stem carries multiple blooms, so you can use one for a simple display, or several for a dramatic effect.

I was taken aback by the rich orange of this bunch, and as they open, they remind me of the sun coming up over the horizon on a beautiful spring morning. The bright green buds give a nice contrast to the open flowers, mimicking the organic green of leaves.

With lilies, I prefer to keep the drama on top, so I always use a clear vase filled with water. Change the water every day to keep the blooms for a week or more. A simple centerpiece that makes a dramatic statement!

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