Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Shop of Heaven

In a world far from here (Florida) there is a shop where I could spend all eternity. Located in Denver, Colorado is the Savory Spice Shop, a mecca of fresh spices, savory blends, flavored sugars, and cooking ingredients from around the globe.

What I love most about them, besides all the wonderful things they sell, are the small details they give to their shop and products. If ordering from the website, you can often find the origin of the spice, and dishes that it is commonly used in. There are also fun facts about each ingredient, and wonderful recipes.

Savory Spice Shop is also package and shipping friendly. They sell most spices in plastic baggies, so that you can recycle those plastic spice containers and simply refill them. Also, the baggies make it possible to save on shipping costs to anywhere in the country. And since they pride themselves with having the freshest ground spices, they ship quick so that the product is just as fresh for you as it was when it left their store.

I have ordered their blends for dips and rubs, and love to send their gift baskets to friends who love to cook and bake. For cooking, it doesn't get much more savory than this!

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