Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Kind of Hostess Are You and FTH Giveaway #3

All Hostesses are different.

I am the kind to prepare a menu far in advance, have candles lit around the house, music playing to complement the party theme, and wine flowing before guests arrive. The bathroom is cleaner than it has been all month, and anything that I didn't have time to properly put away has been stashed into the few closets even nosy guests won't peek. And if it isn't ready by the time guests arrive, I take a sip of wine, put on my best face, and say "forget it!", and continue on with the party as planned. The guests will never know I didn't have time to make that last amazing dessert.

Apparently, according to this fun quiz from the guru herself, Martha Stewart,

What Kind of Hostess Are You?

the correct terminology for what I am is a "Hostess Inspired By Martha". I should have guessed... I am always striving for her party perfection. What kind of Hostess are you? Take the quiz to find out!

And for our FTH Giveaway #3, click here to see what EVERY kind of Hostess needs on hand for any event!