Friday, March 30, 2012

In One Month's Time...

1. We had an Open House

Maybee says "Come On In..."
2. We SOLD our house (in one week from contract to close)

3. We moved OUT of our house (one week after closing) on St. Patty's Day

Empty  :(
4. Moved in with the in-laws, since Baby D is due in 2 months, and we don't want to be pressured to find a new house in that time frame. We have more important things to concentrate on!

5. Took a long weekend road trip up to North Carolina. Unfortunately, most days looked like this:

 But Maybee loved all the new smells, and didn't mind the rain...

Spring was peeking through the last dreary days of winter

And chipmunks were coming out for food...

Snow and ice melt was making its way down the mountain...

 Foliage was beginning its bloom...

mushrooms on a tree by the stream

 It cleared up enough one day for us to make our way to Highlands, where we shopped, ate delicious food, and saw some art...
Outdoor sculpture at The Bascom
 And some waterfalls...

Bridal Veil Falls
Dry Falls
 And spent our nights listening to the quiet stream raging river behind the house.

6. AND had my first baby shower (more details to come).

Mom-to-be with Grandmothers-to-be
Whew! That was a LOT in one month, not to mention while you are 7+ months pregnant. I feel like this when I look back....

Since we are now settled and back to a (semi)normal routine, I will be posting with new recipes and baby room updates until Baby D is born. Check back soon for all the happenings!!!

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  1. Awww, so excting! Great photos from your trip! Maybee is precious!