Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let There Be Color

As part of BlogHer's Life Well lived series, I was asked to answer the question- How do you incorporate color into your look? There is rarely a day that I don't have some kind of color in my wardrobe, even 8 months pregnant. For example, here is what I wore yesterday:

Black low-rise skinny jeans (non-maternity)
Black Pea-In-The-Pod cami
Black and White striped oversized tank from TJMaxx
Gold Michael Kors watch
Yellow vintage wooden bead necklace

I know stripes are not really what pregnant women should be wearing, but I kind of love this top and it is one of the few separates in my closet that still fits! And for the record, I promised no belly shots, but photos from the front don't really count!

I showed this example, because color is so easy to incorporate by just using accessories. You could easily substitute big, bold earrings, or really fun shoes. Speaking of shoes, these also could have worked with my outfit yesterday:

I picked these up at  H&M the other day for $15. Really comfy flats in pink satin.... its a win, win. I was thisclose to going home with these green H&M wedges for $25:
Any of my friends will tell you I have a vast collection of shoes and jewelry. The reason is because they are the easiest accessories to add a punch of color to any black dress or jeans and a white t-shirt. Not to mention, can be found for a heck of a lot less money than a fabulous purse. And a bonus, can be thrown on in the 20 seconds you are running out the door. Great places for inexpensive shoes in great colors are Target, H&M, and often your local TJMaxx and Ross. By spending less money on colorful accessories, you can't feel too bad about giving them away in a year when the color is not in style, or out of season.

Most of my jewelry is actually vintage, that I have purchased at garage sales, vintage stores, and places around the world. Also a few "shopping trips" through my grandmother's jewelry box have produced some excellent colored enamel earrings and brooches from the 60's.  However, if you aren't comfortable with buying second hand, stores like H&M, Forever XXI, and online vendors like Etsy are a great place to find that fun piece for little money.

I love bright prints and clothing pieces, but I have to say that colorful shoes and jewelry are my favorite ways to incorporate color into my daily wardrobe. Even on a gloomy day, or one in which I feel large and uncomfortable, a pop of color seems to liven my spirit and make me feel cute at the least. Try it for yourself, and if you don't agree, check into the BlogHer Life Well Lived site for more ideas on how to incorporate color into your look. Stop by and enter their sweepstakes too for an iPod Touch and $50 iTunes gift card!

What is your favorite way to incorporate color?


  1. You look adorable! I've rocked stripes my whole pregnancy. In addition to accessories. I love adding color with a bright mani or lippy!

  2. I like the pop of color with the necklace. I think that's one of the easiest ways to add color in. That and purses! Love colorful purses, too!