Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY Photo Booth

At the party, I wanted a little more than just shuffleboard. After seeing the adorable props on Oh Happy Day, I just couldn't resist a little photo booth! I purchased some blue background fabric on clearance at Joanns, and simply hung it over some items in the clubhouse. I printed out the props from Oh Happy Day (below) and used spray adhesive, outside in a well ventilated area, to attach them to white foam board. Using an Exact-o knife and a sharp pair of scissors, I cut them out and attached them to sticks (i.e. pencils in packs of 10 from the Dollar Store = $2). I then added a few more props, like giant sunglasses, dollar bills (to make it rain), and cute sayings, to complete the photo booth.

Check out the photos below.... even though we had to wrangle a few guests to try it out, many loved it and took multiple pictures. I think it was a success!

Thanks again to the very talented Jordan at Oh Happy Day for providing the fun props and idea!

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