Friday, July 1, 2011

One Week From Today...

I will turn the big 3-0. It is a little bittersweet, and when thinking about the date months ago, I really wanted something low key, maybe a nice dinner party with family or close friends. I had thrown a rather large and elaborate party for my husband on his 30th, and had vowed to not repeat it for mine. It was just too much work, although he had a blast and so did all our friends.

It was not until about a month ago that we went to an event at the local and historic shuffleboard courts that I pictured this as the place for my 30th birthday bash. It will still be a small affair, with family and a handful of great friends, but with some very special, Hostess touches, of course! And just to give you a little preview, here is the invitation, made by me:

My wonderful husband is working on some other details, so after the party, I will post all the details! Until next week, hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July Weekend!

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  1. Happy early birthday and hope you have a great 4th!