Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Childhood Revisited - Part 2

When planning the party, and stocking up on food items, I began to throw in lots of candy into our shopping cart. My husband Logan said "Why are you buying all that candy?", and I told him it is for his Candy Bar. "We don't need that!" he replied, to which I protested, since candy went perfect with our nostalgia theme. Let me just tell you...


Here's how you do it:
Get several clear glass containers in various shapes and sizes. These can be found for cheap at Michaels, Pier 1, and the Dollar store. Next, you need candy... a good mix of chocolate and sugar is best, and I like to keep it all brightly colored if possible. Also, choose candy that will relate most to your audience. Since I was throwing a party for a 30 year old, I chose candy that he loved growing up in the 80's:

-Peanut M&M's
-Reese's Pieces (remember ET?)
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Logan's favorite)
-Kit Kats
-Starburst Fruit Chews
-Pixi Stix
-Double Bubble Bubble Gum (like you would get out of a gumball machine)
-Jelly Bellys

I recommend buying the chocolate candy items in bulk at a wholesale store, but the sugary items can usually be found in good quantities at the Dollar store. You just need enough to fill the container you want to put it in, so each quantity of candy will vary. The last things you need are bags and scoops, so that guests can take their candy home with them, or carry it around the party to snack on, which can also be found at the dollar store. Because the candy is already brightly colored, I printed out simple signs with the candy names on them, and tied them around each container with ribbon. And as simple and cost effective as that, you have a full size candy bar to satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests!

If you would like to create your own candy bar, but aren't sure what to serve, there are some great online resources for nostalgic candy for different eras. Check out Nostalgic Candy or Groovy Candies for party packs and candy by decade. A candy bar is a simple and easy way to take anyone back to their childhood!

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