Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Childhood Revisited - Part 1

This past Saturday, I hosted a birthday party for my husband Logan who turned 30. To mark the milestone, I came up with a nostalgic theme, complete with food and lawn games that would take our friends back to their childhood. While I found the theme fun, I never realized how party perfect it would all turn out! For food, we chose some of Logan's favorite finger foods he had growing up....

I think my new party rule will be to serve kid food.... seriously, I have never had a party where all of the food was GONE at the end of the evening, and chips were the only things left over. I got more compliments on the food, and I didn't even make any special FTH recipes!!!

In addition to kegs of beer, we also had Margarita Punch. My good friend Andrea passed along this recipe, and it truly is the best party alternative to beer and wine, mainly because it has both beer and liquor in it, so you can drink anything after the punch and not get a headache from mixing your alcohols!

2 cans Frozen Lime-aid
2 Coronas
1 can Tequila (use the lime-aid can to measure)
1 can 7-Up (use the lime-aid can to measure)
Slices of fresh lime

Mix and serve in a big pitcher or drink container over ice. This recipe can easily be doubled, and is surely a hit as a deliciously refreshing drink at any summer party!

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