Friday, November 27, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving, you always wander into the kitchen with a food hangover, and open the refrigerator to find leftovers. So what do you make with that delicious turkey???
While sitting around the Thanksgiving table, I heard a story from my aunt about a tradition I never knew about. When she and my uncle were in high school, every Thanksgiving weekend there was a football game on Friday between two home town rival schools. Since everyone was still recovering from the day before, there was little time to make a full dinner before the big game. So for years, my grandmother would whip up BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches and add the left over turkey pieces, and the kids would devour them before they ran out the door to the big game. It not only sounds like heaven, but a tradition I will have to adopt!
One tradition we do have is a family cook-off with different recipes on the day after Thanksgiving. This year it is Macaroni and Cheese.... be sure to check back soon for the winning recipe!

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