Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Doors

In the dining room, my brother has some small and very old sliding glass doors. While these let in a lot of light, they are really not pretty and not as functional to open up to his nice back patio.

 After much deliberation, we decided to spend the money and change out these doors to a single lite french door, similar to these:

In pricing out this project, we found that big box improvement stores only install new doors, but do not actually remove the old ones, or do any of the trim work for the new doors. If you want them to do all of this for you, you have contract through different departments for this additional work, or do it yourselves. Since we are not experts with this, we decided to look elsewhere. In our search, we found a local door company to remove the old ones, dispose of them, and install the new ones, with trim out work, all for less than it would cost through a big box improvement store.

It always is a bonus too when your kitchen estimator comes to the house at the same time as the door estimator, and one has used the latter for his own doors at home! Check back for photos of the finished doors when they are installed tomorrow!

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