Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sip & See Shower & Inspiration

I am planning a "Sip and See" shower for a good friend of mine with a twist. Most "Sip and See" showers are planned for after the baby arrives, so that Mommy can drink, and everyone can "See"  the newborn. However, in this case, the mom-to-be has two other more formal showers, so she wanted something fun, but she is pregnant with twins, so there will be no time after the birth to put together a viewing party.  So here's what we are calling it:

Sip and See The Mother To Be

Really original, I know. So this is more of an anti-shower, cocktail party, completely void of any games, opening presents, and measuring mommy's tummy. Seriously. How am I getting away with not opening presents? Well, included in the invites is this poem:

As Kim is soon to be blessed with twins,
She doesn't really need clothes or bibs with stripes.
She’d prefer to stock up on everyday things,
Like diaper cream, shampoo, Pampers, and wipes.
If to give a different gift is your intention,
In modesty we would like to mention
A donation that will be life
-saving for the twins one day
 Even a little will go a long way!

Kim has decided to register for donations toward preserving her babies umbilical cord blood, in the event that they may need it after their birth, so her registry web site will be at the bottom of the poem for guests. A really practical gift that can have so much impact later. For more information, please check out this website.

Since the event is going to be held at the Columbia Restaurant, so I wanted kind of a Spanish/Moroccan color theme. Here is the invitation I created:
I will be updating with more information about the food, specialty drinks, activities, and centerpieces soon!

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