Monday, March 7, 2011

New Living Room

I m helping my brother-in-law redesign his condo. After a few weekends of searching for the perfect couch, we found the following at Hudson's Furniture:
It has a great twill fabric and we chose some custom fabric for the pillows. I then used the pillow fabric as inspiration for the room, and built a board around it:

Since he is single, we are trying to keep the elements soft but a little masculine, since this is a bachelor pad. I love the oversized, industrial look of the coffee table, and its lower drawers provide some storage in addition to the open shelf. He wants a brown leather streamlined recliner to compliment the couch and loveseat. We are also working in some green plants (most likely good fakes) to bring a little more color and warmth to the beige space, and some large abstract artwork, rug, and cool lighting for decoration. Also, rattan storage ottomans can not only hide the PlayStation controllers and games, but provide extra seating for game nights as well.

I am still working on elements for the dining room/entertainment area. We have a vintage bar cabinet that I may repaint, as well as updating the current seats on the dining room chairs. More on this area as it progresses, but I am so excited about where the room is headed!

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