Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vintage Finds 6.1.2011

I found these lamps at a garage sale for $10. After having the wiring replaced, and buying $20 shades from Target, I tried them out in my bedroom for a little while. My husband didn't love them, so I changed out the lamps and set these in the closet for a little while.

In my decor project at my brother-in-law's place, he was in need of some lamps, so I brought them back out.They actually have a teak base and top, and the center ceramic part is very Jonathan Adler. But since everything in his place is beige, we needed a little pop of color, so I decided to paint them. From this:

To this:

The blue is a lot brighter in person, as you will see later in shots from the condo. I love to contrast of the shades, and the wood details on the lamp bottoms and top.

Also, below the lamps is a wicker chest our neighbors were throwing out.... nothing was wrong with it, except that it was pink. A little spray paint transformed it into a nice brown wicker accent piece, which will be also used in the condo to hide Rock Band instruments.


  1. Great job...I love to see little transformations like this. Makes a world of a difference!


  2. OMG, those are gorgeous! What a revamp!