Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage Finds 6.22.2011

The vintage find for this week is this wrought iron plant stand (well, now at least!). I have an addiction to lamps, candlesticks, and anything wrought iron, and when we are going to garage sales, I instantly gravitate towards these things like a moth to a flame. A few months ago, at a garage sale a block from our house, we were picking through the guy's garage when I saw this giant wrought iron leg staring out at me from underneath a sheet. I asked what it was and if it was for sale. The guy told me it was some "stand" that was out of an old Spanish home a block over (aka my neighbor across the street) and he bought it at their garage sale. He would sell it to me for $10.  SOLD!!!

After I made my father-in-law and husband carry it back to our house, I looked at it a little more closely. It was definitely original to the old Spanish house, and probably dates to the early 1900's, if not earlier. I believe it was probably used as a rug or quilt stand. I used a RustOleum clear coat spray on it so that it would not rust outside, and then went to Home Depot to get hanging pots and plants. It is now one of my most favorite things in the back yard.

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