Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Final Wall....

In honor of her dute date today, I give you the final wall of the nursery... and Baby D's name - HARPER!

I went to Michaels and picked up some letters spelling her first name, as well as some Martha Stewart acrylic paint in brown and green. I had my husband cut a piece of 2"x4" wood board into 6" sections on which to prop up the special hippo collection.

I painted the letters in the brown and the wood blocksin the green to make them pop on the white shelf.

The hippos on the blocks are from all over the world, and were given to us by our parents when we told them we were collecting hippos for Baby D. There are close ups below... they are made of wood, pottery, and stone.

We can't wait to add to Harper's hippo collection in the many years to come!


  1. Beautiful nursery!!! Congrats on your little Harper =)

  2. Love the name! How's your lil' lady bean doing? We'll have to get our gals together!