Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Years...and Counting!

It was 2 years ago today that I said "I do", and I can't imagine life without my amazing husband. But instead of talking all about him, I have to bring up the subject of anniversary gifts. For us, we don't really buy each other big gifts for Christmas or our birthdays, but we are pretty traditional when it comes to our anniversary. We still get each other small things, but we have stuck to the traditional guidelines for each year (check out the chart here). So for year 2, it says gifts of Cotton or China....


I did go a little traditional and get him some nice cotton handkerchiefs. But I went a little non-traditional and also got him this:

TWO book from Starbucks I bought at Christmas time, at the recommendation of a good friend. It has quotes and anecdotes about love and relationships, and has places where you fill in your feelings about the other person. It is very cute, and I hope he likes my answers! I don't know if Starbucks still has them in stock, but if they do, it is a great gift for an anniversary or even Valentine's Day!

I also made this for him:

It is a photo album of our trip to California. It took me a while to get all my favorite photos fit into one album, but I really think he is going to love this. I have photos from all our stops in San Francisco, Monterey & Carmel, and Napa Valley. I think my favorites are the series of whale pictures and the beautiful wineries.

Speaking of wineries, tonight, besides the company of my husband, I am going to love every minute of this:

We were fortunate to get a bottle as a gift for our first anniversary, and this past summer, we visited the Silver Oak winery, where we purchased another bottle for this year's anniversary. It just may have to become a tradition!

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

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  1. Happy anniversary! You were such a stunning bride!