Monday, January 31, 2011

We Have Progress!

Today kicks off the start of the work on my brother's home. Since he only has one bathroom, we chose to do this first, so that the home would be livable through the rest of the work. So we hope, at least.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before:


The bathroom is all gray, which is a mood killer in itself.  How can one wake up in the morning in a dingy gray bathroom? The fixtures are all nice (Kohler) but are also gray, and the lights and old medicine cabinet have seen better days. The pedestal sink is nice and wide, but provides no storage. And the tile on the floor is that 80's faux marble looking stuff. Not a terrible bathroom, but definitely one in need of a face lift. 

And today, we made progress (and in we, I mean the demo/tile guy Brian):
Since some of the walls had minor water damage from many, many years ago, we decided to tear out all the drywall and put up a moisture resistant rock board to prevent future damage. The new vent fan, to be installed later, will help this problem too! The tile can then be installed over the new walls once they have been prepped and sanded.

And this weekend, I spent a few hours with my brother ordering the new additions for the bathroom:

Kohler Kelston Vanity and Sink (l) with the Kolher Bancroft Faucet:
This sink gives the feel of a pedestal sink, but with a little storage for towels and a drawer for other toiletries. The faucet is nice with easy, hands free (using your elbow or arm to operate) controls for the hot and cold, and the shiny chrome will really stand out from the white tiles. We will be using white subway tiles (like the ones below) for the bathroom walls and will be incorporating some warming teak accessories:
The towel racks have been discontinued but are originally from West Elm. And a few of their friends from Crate and Barrel:
That's the recap for now. What do you think? I can't wait to show you more of the progress to come!!!


  1. Good luck. I like the idea for Teak accents together with the white subway tiles.