Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Annual Christmas Walk

For a few years now, we have been taking an annual walk from a friend's house to downtown St. Petersburg to see all the Christmas lights and cards. Our city actually has one of the largest waterfront park system in the country, third only to Seattle and Chicago, and they do a great job of decorating it for Christmas.

One unique thing they have every year (since I was a child, maybe even before I was born) are larger than life painted greeting cards. There is a contest every year through The St. Petersburg Times newspaper where anyone can submit an idea or drawing for a holiday card. Then after about 12-15 are chosen, they are drawn and painted by local school children and adult artists, and displayed along the waterfront with lighting.


The cards often have Florida related themes, and some are even reflective of world events from the year. They are always my favorite decorations in the park.

In the main section of the park system, Straub Park, they have a place where kids can come and visit with Santa every night.

They also have an ice skating rink, and a mailbox where children can send letters to Santa.  The rest of the park is filled with beautiful displays of lights.

And a manger that is older than I am. When I was younger, they used to swap out the fiberglass animals for real ones in the week before Christmas, and it became a petting zoo around the baby Jesus.

More lights:

And along our walk, depend on the weather, we either get Starbucks if it is really cold, or like last night, gelato at a local shop if the temperatures are balmy.

We missed Santa on the way back, but decided to still hop in his sleigh and wish for health and happiness through the season! If you are in the area this week, be sure to stop by the parks downtown and check out all the lights and activities!

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  1. I LOVE Straub park and the lights I haven't gone yet... It looks like you had a wonderful time =)