Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Reindeer...

My mom and I certainly think alike! For Christmas eve dinner, my mom decorated her dining room table with a Reindeer theme! And at each seat, she had some of these for us to wear, along with this take-home sweet surprise:

Reindeer Peeps
Bob's Mini Candy Canes (Bob's are the BEST!)
Plastic treat bags
Clear Tape
Mini Silver disks (optional)

My mom wanted to give them more pronounced antlers, since their given ones look like ears (and reindeer have both). So she placed the two candy canes on the mini silver disks and used tape to secure them. You can see the tape in these photos due to the flash, but in person, it was hard to see. Then simply place the reindeer Peep on top and place in the bag. Tie with a festive ribbon, and pass out to family and friends!

My mom didn't want the candy canes to get gooey, so she left them in the wrappers. However, if you are going to give to guests right away, I would take the candy canes out of the wrappers and stick them into the back of the Peep, no tape necessary! Too cute!

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