Thursday, December 1, 2011


It is December 1, which means there are only 24 more days until Christmas. It also means that there are only 3 more weekends of errands and shopping, since Christmas kind of screws everything up this year on a weekend.

This year, our family is deciding to pick names for a Secret Santa gift exchange, instead of buying each person (12 in all) a gift. There are a couple of great sites out there, like Boogspace, that have been around for a while that are easy to use for randomly selecting names. I came across a new one the other day, Elfster, that also is super easy to use, and certainly helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

You can set spending limits, dates of gift exchange, and set your wishlist, all in one spot! How easy is that?!  One less thing on my Christmas to do list...

And just for fun, I love to "Elf Myself" every year, courtesy of JibJab and OfficeMax. Check out my video here for a good laugh. To elf yourself or your friends, go to

This post was not sponsored by or promoted by Elfster, Boogspace, JibJab, or OfficeMax. I just really like these sites and wanted to share!

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