Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Decor

There is something about Christmas decor that makes me really warm and cheery. Having to take it down is really depressing for me every year, so when I do get to it New Years Day, I also try to substitute some sparkly decor for the New Year and our January wedding anniversary, just to liven my spirits. 

Using items I had around the house, I  came up with these small but happy additions:

This one is not really an addition, but rather a subtraction. I just took off the red table cloth, but left the Candlewick and dollar store gold and silver ornaments. See the Christmas theme here

Next, in our living room, I pulled out the teal vases, as well as some dollar store ornaments, and glittery garland to make a festive centerpiece in my vintage brass tray on the coffee table.

I added two bouquets of fresh flowers for $10 from the grocery store. I wanted all white flowers, but they mostly had Christmas bouquets left, so I will get white flowers when these die in a week.

Outside, I put up our Happy New Year flag that I bought last year at a garage sale for $3. I actually bought a couple of flags for different occasions, all around $2-$3 each. Normally in stores, giant flags are around $20-$25, which is why I look at garage sales for good ones on the cheap.

I also put back up my all-occasion wreath, that we also got at a church flea market for $1. I decorate it throughout the year with different bows, or props for certain party decor (remember the hatch?). With some glittery wire ribbon and a leftover ornament from a Christmas gift, I created a giant bow with a little finesse. I actually really loves how it sparkles, and color coordinates with both the flag and indoor table decorations!

Do you decorate for the New Year?


  1. I don't decorate for NY, but I did for the holidays as a whole. It' so much fun being festive!

    Fashion Translated

  2. Love that flag! So cute! And I still have my Christmas decorations up. Ha!