Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Favorite Beauty Tools

As a member of the BlogHer community, I was asked to write a post on my favorite beauty tools as park of their Life Well Lived - Looking Your Best feature. As a pregnant mom-to-be, I have worked harder on my skin prep work than on my makeup itself due to the natural changes with my body, and consider some of these items my best beauty "tools" to help me feel and look my best.

One of my favorite beauty tools is the Clarisonic Mia. My good friend turned me on to this after we both battled stages on adult acne in our mid-twenties. I use it daily with their Sensitive cleansing head and my Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser, and my skin has dramatically improved. It really helps take off makeup and get your skin clean. It is certainly one of the more expensive tools, but in the first month of using it, I found it to be worth every penny.
As any mother knows, the baby is constantly sucking the moisture out of your skin and body. A few times a week, I use this Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish on my face to remove any dry skin. It makes my face feel as smooth as a baby's bottom, and does not dry me out like many other scrubs.For extra exfoliation, I put it on my Clarisonic and scrub away!

Another "tool" I use daily is Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer. Since the age of 18, I have used eye cream to prevent wrinkles and keep my eyes looking fresh all day. While I try to use heavier stuff at before going to bed, I found I was in desperate need of something I could use before putting on my makeup that was light, but would get rid of the effects of a restless night's sleep. This Facial Fuel is light and easy to use, and does not clump up when I top it with some under eye concealer for those really rough mornings. It is so good that I have stocked up on this product so that I will not be without it when the baby comes!

As a pregnant momma-to-be, I have been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion to prevent stretch marks on my expanding belly. However, I have been a longtime fan of Bobbi Brown's beach line of products. Being a Florida girl born and raised, Bobbi nailed it on the scent of the beach... it smells like the sand, surf, and sunscreen in the best of ways. I use the Bobbi Brown beach spray for balmy summer date nights, but have lately been using the beach Body Oil to calm my dry skin after a shower. The beach is not just for the summer months anymore!

So those are my go-to beauty tools for keeping my skin fresh and hydrated. Check out other beauty tips at BlogHer and join me in their Life Well Lived series. And for a bonus, visit their Sweepstakes and enter your Life Well Lived Moment to win a Kindle Fire and $50 Amazon gift certificate! What are your favorite beauty go-to tools? Share with me in the comments below, I may just have to try them for myself!

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