Tuesday, April 5, 2011

They Say Old Fashioned Post Is Dead...

But I love receiving party invitations in the mail! This practice is only getting better and more creative, as it should!

Invitations act as the first impression for any party. It gives guests all information about the party details, as well as the theme and environment, so it is important to make sure your party preview is what you want it to be. I usually search the internet to find a few invitations for inspiration to make my own on Microsoft Publisher, but for those who are less creative or savvy, there are some wonderful sites that provide perfectly cute invitations. Here are some of my current favorites (click on the photos for links to invitation websites):

Etsy is also a great site for handmade letterpress and custom printed invitations with any theme by many local and national artists. I got my wedding invitations through Etsy! I also love the online e-mail invitations from Cocodot and eVite, that are decorative and you can make quickly to get the word out to guests for a last minute get together!  Sometimes an Inbox is just as good as a Mailbox, but don't rely on e-mails for serious parties.... spend the money and/or the time on real invites. Your guests will be more excited and eager to come to your next event!

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