Monday, April 11, 2011

If You Missed Us Saturday Night....

You missed an amazing time for the Bloggers Unite at MISRED Outfitters! It is great to meet so many talented and FUN bloggers! I had a crazy Saturday where I was a leadership event all day, and ran home to change for Bloggers Unite, so I apologize for looking a little frazzled (and apparently giddy upon the point of exhaustion in the blogger pic below). Since this event was for FASHION bloggers, I guess I should tell you that I wore a vintage polka dot silk top, white linen Theory pants, thrifted gold belt, and tons of vintage gold and red jewelry to the event.

The AMAZING Sara Stonecipher, owner of MISRED Outfitters, had us highlighted in her shop's entrance. Since I ran out of the house, I totally forgot my camera, so these pics are borrowed from some of the fabulous bloggers featured:
(via Samantha's Garments)
 It was such a pleasure to meet Samy of Samantha's Garments, Marybeth and her sister of Jade and Willow, Laura of Artfully Artista, Priscilla of Rush Our Fashion (who came all the way from Jacksonville!), Andrea of Window Shopping Diva, and Kristen of BonBon Rose Girls.

Of course, I can't forget the incredible host Jennifer Rand of Belle de Couture, and the fabulous sisters Rebekah and Rachel of Eugenia Woods, whom I did not have a chance to talk to before I had to leave. We all managed to get a shot of everyone before I made a mad dash to my third event of the day! These fashionistas stuck around for the 600 Block's AFTER DARK event and fashion show (click here to watch), which was styled by Sara of MISRED Outfitters.
(via Eugenia Woods)
 Also featured was the lovely Erin Griffin of The Yummy Kind who made the most AMAZING cupcakes, which were all vegan. My favorites were her Red Velvet and Key Lime Coconut. You should check out her site for cooking classes and recipes. 
And of course in good Hostess fashion, I provided an appetizer and beverages. I brought with me this recipe, which I have named "The Starter" (another post about that soon), some Margarita Punch, and infused water (recipe to come!). Thanks to all those who came out to meet us!

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  1. I had a wonderful time at this event. It was so nice to meet some of my Floridian bloggers. All such beautiful ladies! You know you were my fav (insider)...LOL!

    Also, those palazzo pants were HOT, but they were just way too big! I really wished they were my size. I would have snatched them up!