Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bloggers Unite & Hostess Tip #4

My good friend Sara, owner of MISRED Outfitters, my FAVORITE vintage store in our area, asked me to be a part of her Bloggers Unite event this Saturday night, which is being hosted by another great blogger, Jennifer Rand of Belle de Couture. Sara included me because I am not only a local blogger, but I am actually really into fashion, vintage clothing (half of my closet is either vintage or from thrift stores, believe it or not!), and fashion blogs. Besides Jennifer's blog, I read daily the posts of Kelly, Leandra, Jane, Judy, and more! Vintage clothing can be fun and classic, PERFECT for any event, and vintage clothing for all occasions can be found at local thrift and resale boutiques in your area. And with that comes my next hostess tip...

HOSTESS TIP #4: Part of being a hostess is presenting yourself in attire that fits your event. As the hostess, opening the door when guests to arrive and closing it behind them when they leave are your guests' FIRST AND LAST IMPRESSIONS OF YOUR PARTY! It is ALWAYS important to think about what you are wearing just as much as it is the little details of the party. If you look put together and festive, your event will be fun to guests, no matter what little details are off, or problems that arise along the way. Trust me!

Anyway, if you are local, I hope you will come downtown for this great event! I've posted the info below:

I am contributing some yummy appetizers and punch to the event. Check back here for the recipes and pictures of the event!

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  1. Hi there! My sister, Rebekah and I are so excited about the Bloggers Unite event! I found your blog through Leslie (Drywall and Diapers). It will be great to meet you! See you Saturday!