Thursday, April 14, 2011

Refrigerator Update and Hostess Tip #6

Let's begin at the end-

Hostess Tip #6:
Never leave canned sodas (or carbonated drinks) in a new fridge if you are still unsure about the temperature setting. They could freeze and explode.

And now to the beginning:
If you weren't getting a few laughs from the last post about setting up our new fridge, maybe you can from the fact that we had another issue with it last night. When I organized it, I happened to put the Diet Dr. Pepper soda cans at the top, since we drink them occasionally on the weekends, and I like mine pretty cold. I'm sure you can imagine what happens next, but let me clarify first. This was not the first time that a can has exploded on me, so I cautiously checked them on Tuesday night to make sure they were not frozen. I honestly did not think the fridge was as cold as our last one, so I thought they would be fine to leave them up there for another day and check them later.

Last night, we went to dinner at the in-laws house, so I didn't open our fridge until I was going to bed at 10PM to get some water. When I did, this is what shot out at me:

It was a DDP rocket!!! Seriously, there was this loud pop as I opened the door and  I instinctively curled into a ball on the floor with my arms curled around my head. There must have been some pressure built up in the fridge because it literally exploded open when I pulled on it, and a mangled DDP can with frozen soda still in it landed at my feet. After realizing what had just happened, I stood up from my duck & cover position to find that the entire inside of the clean new fridge had been covered in frozen brown soda. Another mangled can lay on its side still on the top shelf (the first casualty) and a third can lie in wait. I immediately removed the third can and put it in the sink to thaw out, while secretly praying that it too not explode all over my kitchen.

What is really fun about cleaning up after a frozen soda, is that while you are busy pulling out food and removing every shelf of your new refrigerator, the iced pieces of soda begin to melt, since the temperature is rising with the door open. This makes for more of a mess... think slushy. So basically, I cleaned the entire inside of the new refrigerator again last night.

And our ice maker still does not work.  The saga continues....

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  1. Been there...but not because I was unsure about the temp...It was because I left soda in the freezer. Haha!