Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Finds 5.18.2010

I am beginning this series every Wednesday about my vintage finds, since halfway through the week I am always looking for a little inspiration.And, many of you don't know that my husband and I wake up early every Saturday to go to garage and estate sales. Not that we need more stuff for our house - on the contrary actually- but we have been decorating and renovating other people's places that need little things here and there. Plus, its fun to see what other people want to get rid of for next to nothing. We love a good bargain!!

The first find is one of my favorites in our home. Our 1942 house, as previously seen here, is pretty vintage, and thus my decorating style had to adapt to the older charms inside. I instantly go for anything antique to mid century, since the age of our home falls in between.

My husband fell in love with this piece that now currently sits in our kitchen. It was at an estate sale for half off asking price for $25!! Here, I give you the Zenith all-in-one stereo and tv console:

The funny part is that the tv component itself is called the "Space Command 300" and comes complete with the original "clicker". After lots of tinkering, the TV portion itself does not work, just a lot of snow. However, our love for this piece is this:

We had talked about getting a record player for a long time, as we both love the sound of old music. The woman who owned this set had loved music, and when her kids (running the estate sale) offered up the two boxes of records for free with the console, we were sold. Actually, I was sold when the first record I pulled out was Moonlight Serenade by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, one of my grandfather's favorites. Not to mention some German music (my family has German roots) and Spanish music (my husband's roots), among other popular albums like Meet The Beatles. The record player and stereo work perfectly!

We have since covered up the tv with a runner so that it looks more like a buffet than a tv/stereo console. It makes me happy to turn on the records and cook... there's nothing like a good glass of wine and good music to make a meal great!

Stay tuned for more vintage finds every Wednesday!


  1. My grandparents had the same (or very similar) console in their house. I can just picture my dad sitting in front of it when he was a kid. This post brought back great memories of them for me.

  2. My parents had the same console back in the 60's and one of my favorite albums to play was meet the beatles.

  3. cool piece.I've sold 2 of these. However that is not the original tv.

  4. My parents had one just like this. Dad replaced the tv portion with a color Zenith in the early 70's. The original TV had a channel dial on the front that would physically turn (kerchunk kerchunk) when the remote was clicked. Those old remotes actually "clicked". The sound of the click is what triggered the TV. That's why a lot of people still call remotes "clickers". Unfortunately, Dad cut the legs off and put casters on it at some point. When they moved out of their house the console went on the curb. I had no place to put it. :(

  5. I grew up with that same console. What a trip down memory lane.

  6. I came across your blog when I was googling this console. we had one when I was growing up and we used to listen to christmas albums on it during the holiday. My parents never got rid of it and still have it but we are looking to find a place to donate it to. I can't bring myself to call one of those got junk companies to come and get it. I would like to find someone who collects antiques.