Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As Orange As The Summer Sun

As part of BlogHer's Life Well lived series, I was asked to answer the question- What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe? 

Since I am now 9 months pregnant, my wardrobe is limited to maxi dresses and lounge clothes. Ask my husband... he hates what I wear lately! If you see me in about a month, you will see me in short, brightly colored dresses and fun sandals, my usual summer staples.

There is one change that I have made in the past month. Usually, I am not one for painting my toenails with anything other than clear polish or a french pedicure. I think because I wear bright colored shoes in the summer, I don't want my toes to stick out or clash.

However, since a lot of my maternity wardrobe is classic black, I actually have been painting my toes a perfect shade of orange I recently found at Gap, of all places. The color's name is POPPY, which is exactly what it does to my toes... makes 'em pop! And it reminds me of a blazing summer sunset over the Gulf Of Mexico... hopefully I can get some pool time and sunsets in this weekend before Baby D arrives!.

Even though my toes are a little swollen in this picture, they're still rockin' the heels!
How do you incorporate the summer sun into your wardrobe? And what are your favorite summer staples? Go here to tell me, and enter to win an iPod Touch!

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