Monday, May 21, 2012

Nursery Reveal

I think I am 99.9% done with the nursery for Baby D, and have had multiple requests for photos. Since we are still living with the in-laws until we find a house of our own, we took over a small bedroom with no closet, but lots of natural light for Baby D's nursery. Even though Baby D is a girl, I kept things neutral using furniture and accents we already owned in green, turquoise and brown tones. Someday, when we buy a new house, her new nursery will be completely different, but I am really happy with the way things turned out for now.

Here is the nursery from the doorway:

Changing table, using an antique chest topped with a changing pad and necessities:

A closer view. The changing table pad is covered with a Cocalo cover, and we secured it to the back of the chest as directed with two screws. I picked up the green bin at Target (similar here) to hold the necessities for diaper changing- wipes, Butt Paste, and anti-bacterial gel. It matches other large bins we have for storage. And check out the cute mushroom night light that gives off the perfect glow for nighttime feedings and changings.

Inside the chest I have the top drawers organized with one with a linen caddy for more necessities...

And one full of diapers.

The second drawer is  for sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, changing pad covers, and miscellaneous items.

The crib (I will have better shots later once I add a little better decoration) is the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib in white. I love the vintage feel and look of it! The bed skirt was a hard find from eBay. It is the since discontinued Dwell Studio for Target skirt in blue, which matched the turquoise in the rug perfectly. I bought it new. The green chevron bins are also from Target and match the small bin on the changing table. I got one as part of a baby gift, and picked up another for more storage. One holds towels, soap and toys for bath time, and the other holds miscellaneous items like the Bumbo tray and grocery cart covers. I made the chalk board tags using ribbon, Chalk Board ConTact paper, and wooden hippos from Michaels (seen here on the diaper cake, but since these are in a scrapbook, I bought more). Luckily, because the crib mattress is up high for a newborn, there is plenty of storage underneath for extra boxes of diapers and wipes too!

Across the room from the changing table is a dresser, which you saw a preview of here.  The lamp was in our old guest room and was originally from HomeGoods for $35. You will also see the monitor mounted on the top of the dresser. It needs to be turned a bit, since we moved the crib, but with the height of the mirror, it sits at a perfect vantage point to the crib.

On all three sides of the room are great shelves above the windows. Over the crib, we have my parenting baby books, along with nursery rhymes and a few accessories. I love my brass piggy bank hanging out with the Barnyard Animals finger puppets, not to mention the hippo rocking toy and purple "wedding fund" piggy bank. 

The other window is a bit dark, but has some fantastic books, dolls, and a vintage Snoopy pull toy that I love! In case you didn't pick up on it, the room has three walls of windows, but I only showed two shelves. The third one, over the rocker and changing table, actually has letters of Baby D's name and her collection of hippos. You'll have to wait until she is born for the big reveal!

The rocking chair actually belonged to my husband's great great grandmother, and I love how it matches so perfectly! I just hope Baby D doesn't spit up all over it!!!

In the corner we have some more of my favorite books on an antique round table, with a photo of us and Maybee (our furry child). Also is a piggy bank (the "fashion fund") and a plush hippo. I am also in love with the 3 Sprouts hippo bin that holds all her toys and plush animals. It is so cute!!

Above the table is a piece of canvas art that was found and given to me by my friend Amy. She saw something similar on my Pinterest board, and it is just perfect in the corner of the room!

 The room already had a twin bed in it, which I think is perfect for those fussy late nights where momma will need to be close. I used linens and pillows I had from our last guest room that matched the rug. I picked up the hamper from Target and attached another hippo chalk board tag on it.

Lastly, on the dresser is a framed paper cutout hippo that my mother made (amazing!), one of my favorite childhood books in its first year of print (gifted from my grandmother), a mosaic catch all dish, and a brass whale we found at an antique market. 

There are just a few details left I want to do to make it 100% complete:
-Find some artwork for over the twin bed
-Find a cute pillow for the crib (which I will take out when she sleeps so we don't give her any suffocation hazards - more on SIDS here)
-Frame some vintage photos of our parents and grandparents when they were children for the room

And another safety note.... all of the shades are adjusted so that Baby D cannot get caught in any of the pull strings. As a newborn, she won't be able to reach them anyway, but I took precautions just in case. There is a lot of natural light into this room, but if you pull the shades all the way down, it does give a bit of darkness for her daytime naps. At night, it is very dark and peaceful.

Other than buying the crib and bedding, I think we did pretty well on making a nice nursery room out of things we already owned. It is pretty serene and accommodating, and we have really maximized the use of space. Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hey Natalie!

    LOVE what you've done with the place! You are so creative and talented. I am so excited for the arrival of your baby girl! Can't wait to meet her and see you in July!