Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pillow Progress!

In just a few days, I found a pillow that works in Baby D's crib, as originally wanted in this list from the Nursery Reveal:

There are just a few details left I want to do to make it 100% complete:
-Find some artwork for over the twin bed
-Find a cute pillow for the crib (which I will take out when she sleeps so we don't give her any suffocation hazards - more on SIDS here)
-Frame some vintage photos of our parents and grandparents when they were children for the room

I have looked everywhere online and in stores for a pillow that matches the blue, green, and brown tones of the room and rug that we reused from our last guest room. And let me tell you, it is not easy to match tones of moss green, turquoise blue and medium brown! So after much frustration, I went back to Pier 1 where I originally bought the rug years ago. They just got in some new pillows, and I bought three different ones, hoping that one would match. We tried them all out, and added the green solid throw pillow from the twin bed and her Sleep Sheep, and the brown one looked best!

And a nursery bonus! My sweet husband surprised me with a new hippo addition to Baby D's nursery. There are lots of cool vintage hippos on Etsy, and she was my favorite! I named her Rosebud...

She is large and ceramic, and I absolutely love her!  I think I am going to give her a green bow instead of orange, so she matches the nursery a little better. I only hope Baby D loves her too!

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