Friday, May 25, 2012

The TuTu Project

In honor of the last day of a loved one's cancer treatments (Yippee!), I came across the Tutu Project and was reminded of how truly brave one can be after a cancer diagnosis. What is unusual about this is that it is not about the patient, but a loved one putting their face on cancer. The TuTu project started as photographer Bob Carey's dedication to make his wife smile through her cancer battles, and in the process, found that his efforts can also raise money for breast cancer research and finding a cure.

Check out some of his images below:


And here is the Tutu Project as featured on the Today show.

What is not to love about a man in a pink tutu?! He has a book titled Ballerina coming out in the fall with all of the images he has captured in the nine years his wife has been battling cancer. Proceeds of his book, and his photography, will all be donated to breast cancer organizations. Be sure to check out his mission and donate if you have the means to this great cause.

It takes a brave face to deal with cancer, but I only wish we all had a face brave enough to wear a tutu.

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