Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Organized

I have a bit of OCD when it comes to clothes and organization. My closet is color coordinated, and my underwear drawer has dividers and things folded. This may change once the baby is born, or it may just get worse... we will see! In an effort to keep things organized in Baby D's room, I picked up a few things at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend to help keep the drawers organized with her clothes and accessories. If you thought I was kidding before when I said she will be best dressed, check out the collection she already has going.

Socks, pacifiers, hair clips, pacifier clips, and sunnies:

I purchased the clear/green drawer divider on clearance at TJMaxx for $5. I like that the green bottom is rubber, so that these little accessories don't roll all around the drawer.

On the other side, I used a vintage teal chalice to hold her headband collection, and used the remaining space for her hats (a must in sunny Florida!) and her cute summer sandals and shoes. 

At Bed Bath and Beyond, I purchased some spring loaded drawer dividers for two drawers to separate her clothes. I have them grouped by daytime (onesies, tops and legging sets), night time (sleep sacks and pjs) and dresses for each age group. The photo below is actually her big girl drawer with two dividers, as the clothes to the left are 6 months (with the exception of her 3-6 month old Gator gear, ready for football season this fall!), the middle section is for 6-9 months, and the right is 9-12 month old clothes. With the clothes divided, it not only allows me to know what section she really fits into, but will be easier for dad too to know what to dress her in if I am not around.

In another drawer, its more of a miscellaneous mix of baby items. Most of these will come and go in the next few months, but I needed a place to stick them for now in some sort of organized space. I purchased the clear Real Simple 6 Piece Organizer Set to keep things in their place.  I love how these thin clear boxes hold everything, fit nicely in the drawer, and can be moved around later as we change out the contents of the drawer.

Since the room is small, the more organized I can keep it, the better! Stay tuned for the finishing touches and more organization solutions.

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  1. ummmmmmm can you please come and organize my life???